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Youtube-aholic in the Making

Most of my online activity is basically limited to about five websites. There's yahoo for email, myspace for keeping in contact with family and "friends" not to mention my hopes of meeting decent people(yes I know I'm pathetic), bbc for the news, lifehacker for neat and random reviews, and most recent: youtube. In a previous blog I brought up a topic addressed by Brett Keane on youtube. From here on I'll probably be doing a lot more of that. For those of you who don't know, there's a lot going on at youtube. It's filled with much more than just random idiotically entertaining videos. Believe it or not, it's quite a political and philosophical hotspot. But for some reason youtube doesn't allow text comments longer than about 100 characters, which is really strange; text doesn't require much storage at all. So I either have to start making videos or write about them here. Since I'm a bit deficient in the oral articulation department, I&#…

Tsuda Masami

"Tsuda is a person who does everything slowly. From getting up to dusk, he will just sit there and veg out. He not only works very slowly, but also loves to sleep, so he can't catch up. In the world there are people who travel, go to concerts, and do other things. It's incredible."

- Tsuda Masami

Just a side quote from a manga I've been reading called Kareshi Kanojo or Kare Kano for short. Actually I've been reading the manga and watching the anime simultaneously. It's decent, I enjoy it, but it's clearly geared for the younger audience as it's about high school love, something I've never known.


A midnight blog! This is rare. I usually only write during early hours of the morning when I cannot sleep. Also, today is Friday; most of my posts occur as a result of stress during the week. Anyway, there are a couple things I'd like to talk about, but I guess I'll split them up.

Actually my thoughts are very scattered right now. I just wanted to write something.

My thoughts are circular and random. Much like spinning the dials on a combination lock, I must pluck my thoughts out at a certain moment in order for them to make sense. I wish they were divided into individual rings, but unfortunately they make up a large chaotic sphere. But of course in the end, the outcome is likely to only make sense to me. Please, if you are reading this, make an effort to prove me wrong.