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A while back I saw a video on youtube by Brett Keen about morality. The topic was: "Can atheists be moral?" In his video he explained how atheists could be moral people. Going back to the definition of atheism, it's only an individual who lacks the believe in a deity.

What the question should be is: "can an atheist have a belief system?". Religion is just that, a belief system with some sort of "god/s" at the center. So, if atheism is only the lack of belief for a certain belief system, why can't they have some different belief system?

Addressing the original question that Brett Keane discussed in his video, Atheists can be moral people. The moral "code" that they follow is in accordance with their belief system. What must be understood though is that people who follow a certain moral code do in fact have a belief system, whether they call it a religion or not.

So what about me? I consider myself an atheist, as well as an agnostic. What s…


Today, I came to the realization of the applications of miscommunication; how very often they occur and how catastrophic the results can be.

A small example is a button my mother gave me. It says "God doesn't believe in me either. Things even out." I first interpreted this as someone else also not believing in "me", because of the word "either". What I thought it meant was that since god and whoever looked at the button don't "believe" in the person who owns the button, things evened out in the sense that both views don't matter. As you might see, that doesn't make much sense. Later, I reworded it so that it made sense to me: "I don't believe in God. God doesn't believe in me. Things even out." That makes more sense than the original, but again doesn't make any sense at all because how is it possible to know if God doesn't believe in me? Also, if I don't believe in God, how the hell is he supposed to …

Me, Myself, & I

Hello folks! I'm going to make an effort to make a note here every day. They say you learn something new every day. That is exactly what I will post. So here I go.

Today I noticed......what did I notice again......hmmmmm... oh yeah....I noticed that....actually I'm not even sure what I noticed. More of the everyday observations that I make every day....without really learning anything. But there has to be something right? "Thinking of something extremely trivial"......hey! I noticed I can type much more efficiently with my nails cut short and filed. Yes, that's all.

Actually no, that's not all. There's something bigger that I did want to bring up, but I'm not exactly sure how to express it. Um ok...I don't generally like being involved with social activities. I'm just not the type. I guess I could have been the type. I suppose it all depends on your upbringing and atmosphere. I'm sure it's all very complicated how we all come to be. My s…


So instead of having a point to a post, I'm just going to ramble tonight. Remember in your early high school english classes when you had to write in that little blue book for the first ten minutes of class? How many of your teachers actually told you to write "I do not know what to write" if you didn't know what to write about? So yes, this is one of those posts. I do not specifically know what to write about. I am back from spring break after a week straight of procrastination. My roommate asked me if I got any work done over break; this was of course a rhetorical question.

I am mainly writing because I am not tired, which is too bad considering my first class starts in let's see....six hours. My schedule gets pretty messed up when I don't have to be anywhere. This is because I only go to sleep when I am tired. I hate trying to force myself to sleep when I'm wide awake. I much prefer falling asleep within a few minutes, as apposed to hours. I suppose th…