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To Each His Own

Yet another bizarre night in the life of "he who must not be named". I'm in my pajamas on my bed browsing the Internet at around 10:30 p.m. when I get asked to accompany my aunt to the casino. Not wanting to pass up another random adventure, I said yes. I brought up the fact that I didn't have an I.D. but she said it probably wouldn't be a problem. To my surprise and relief, it wasn't. We just walked right in. After dropping me off at my requested destination: the bar, she left me for the blackjack tables.

Like all bars I've been to, there was only sports playing on all of their displays. I had a quick drink and then decided to tour the place. I walked around, but not too far from where I was. I weaved in and out of isles of slots, wandered over to the blackjack tables, and like a magnet I was pulled back to the bar. Unfortunately when I got back, it was past a certain time they served alcohol, so I sampled some of the food they had on display and asked f…

Perforated Connections

It's nearing 3:00 a.m. I'm cuddled up in the corner of my full sized bed, pondering as usual. Tonight about emptiness. About perforated notebook paper, chain links, and atoms made up of mostly empty space. All held together, but not without vast emptiness.

And I'm wondering. What exactly is this void? Why does it exist? Can it be filled?

If there's any hope for me, I have to find these answers.


Almost every story I've come across whether it be a book or a movie in which there is romance involved, there is always some sort of mention of good looks. For me, this detracts from the story; I mean, is it really necessary? What it seems to suggest is that if these good looks weren't present, the attraction wouldn't exist in full. And even though I seem to be contradicting myself due to my last post, I really would like to see the mention of such a thing omitted from such works. That is all.

"You're so cute"

On one of my several mile walks home in the past week, I received a compliment that I thought about for the rest of the day. I was crossing the street while looking left to see any oncoming traffic. Halfway to the other side I caught a glimpse of a woman in her early 30's or so in an suv coming up on my left. As she passed me, she shouted out, "you're so cute". I whipped my head to right and watched as she drove away. I stood there for a minute somewhat perplexed. My first thought was, "I wish that were true". I wondered if she was telling the truth or not. It didn't sound to me like she was being sarcastic, but who knows.

A bit later, I took back that first thought. I didn't wish it were true. I don't care if it's true or not. Then I thought, "Is it safe to say that I don't care about my looks?". I suppose it is to a certain extent. I just spent thousands of dollars to straighten out my teeth, so obviously it isn't true th…

One for the Record, part 5

Believe it or not this is the final part... I know it's sad; my night was finally coming to an end....but not without a finale! I had about a mile or so to go from the bar and I was totally up for the walk. Actually at the time, I probably wouldn't have minded if I had another five miles to go.

I was flying high, skipping and doing cartwheels down the sidewalk on my way home. Actually, that's lie...although something similar was going on in my head. Still on main street, my old elementary school was coming up on my left and the church where I used to attend catechism was down the street to the right. I also remembered that I had a cousin who lived near the church whom I haven't seen in a few years. She was a night owl like I am, so since it wasn't out of the way, my semi drunk self waddled down the right street for a late night visit.

Her porch light was on which made it easy to spot, but her car wasn't there. As I approached her driveway, a small white car pull…

One for the Record, Part 4

Now I'm not sure if we really shared the same name or not; perhaps she just said that so I'd give her a big tip. Nonetheless, I was able to order some drinks.

That first Sam Adams was highly satisfying so I had to order another one. While I drank, my attention switched between the tv across the bar and a conversation being had by a man and woman four stools to the left of me. Out of the twenty minutes or so that I sat there, I didn't hear the man say one word; I suppose that's typical though. She was describing the end of her marriage of 15 or so years and the ever so common struggle thereafter. It was sort of like watching an episode of Maury, except the host wasn't saying anything, so I lost interest pretty quickly.

The beers were indeed yummy, but they weren't doing much damage so I ordered something with a bit more kick. The only thing that I could think of that wasn't too fancy was a long island iced tea, so that's what I asked for. It certainly did…

One for the Record, Part 3

It isn't uncommon that I randomly imagine my demise, so I wasn't phased much. At this point it was around 11:30 p.m. and I was about one fourth of the way there.

I was nearing my old neighborhood so I decided to take a small detour to check out the house I lived in for six years. The house itself looked exactly the same, it was still tan with green shutters. The garage even still had the attached basketball hoop that seemed to be hanging by a thread the last time I was there. I moved in for a closer look but as I got the base of the driveway a spotlight came on so I decided it best to keep moving, especially since I could hear conversation across the street. As I walked, I imagined how funny it would be if they called the cops on me. I made a complete circle around the neighborhood back to main street attaching names of old friends to houses as I went. A little further down main street I noticed a small bar on the corner of a miniature one floor office building. Considering h…