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Beauty & Attraction

I do believe I have brought this topic up before, but it is something that irks me to no end. It is one of the key reasons that I may be forever single, among many others. The topics at hand here are looks and attraction. Recently I've been around more people, mainly because of my job, the general pubic to be more specific, and so this forces me into thinking about it more often. Not so much putting more thought into it, but instead mulling over it more often. Circling around in my mind, annoying the hell out of me, like that girl at that concert who keeps whipping you in the face with her long hair every time she turns her head. I suppose that's not exactly the right reference, since the feeling is completely different. A better one would be: after eating a full satisfying meal, thinking about how there's probably a small child out there somewhere in the world starving to death. That sort of morose feeling some people get, that's the one. Actually, it's more of a …