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Book Review: What Happened (mixed w/ personal rant)

More like, WTF happened!? Every single day since the 2016 election I'm in shock Hillary lost. I'm even more shocked, on a daily basis, that we have an offensive imbecile in office. Literally, sick to my stomach.  Naturally I want to know what happened, so put myself on the wait list for the audio book.

This took me a little while to get through as I only listened to it on the way to and from work once a week. I actually had to borrow it twice. Part of the reason is because a large portion of the book is Hillary 'rambling' about personal things that I didn't really care about - such as the types of food items she liked to eat on the campaign trail.

Many of the larger, more publicized reasons for the loss are well-known; but it was good to hear them from her perspective - along with many of the smaller details we don't hear so much about in the news.

In my opinion - and I think the obvious truth, Hillary had many things going against her at the get-go. First, sh…
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Goodbye Facebook

Illustration by Jim Carrey posted on his twitter page:

Oh, Facebook - you disappoint me. First your pathetic initial response to the spread of fake news on your platform and then this recent data breach. Despite these two major issues, I was already on the fence.  I no longer support this platform, so it's time to say goodbye - likely forever.
Unless you've been living under a rock, Facebook has been all over the news lately. My biggest concern is the spread of false information, a.k.a. 'fake news'. This is propagated by actual people, which is not Facebook's fault directly, but since it has such a large effect - such as swaying a presidential election, Facebook needs to be held responsible.
I appreciate and agree with Mark Zuckerberg's candid response regarding the data breach: "We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you."  No, you don&…

Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: : A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

Many people in my life, including myself care too much about many silly things that we are better off moving past. I picked this up in attempt to help solve that problem. After reading it, I feel it's worth sharing. 
Having never read a strictly defined self-help book, I have nothing to compare this to (except perhaps 'Weird in a World That's Not' - which is a career guide), but as far as books in general go, I quite enjoyed this one! I'd say this is more of a life guide than a self-help book. I think anyone can benefit from reading this, even if you don't think you have any particular personal issues.
I had never heard of Mark Manson, so I visited his website. Immediately I was concerned he may be a bit of a smug fellow. The first sentence reads, "I am the NY Times bestselling author of the Subtle Art...". "I give life advice that doesn't suck". Way to toot your own horn, sir! How about simply and humbly stating you're the author o…

What's a Muse?

One of the more common uses for the word, 'muse' is for the nine inspirational Greek goddesses. This is not what I had in mind when I created the blog title, 'muse parade', but a parade of inspirational goddesses sounds pretty cool too! I'm just now getting familiar with what each of the nine represent.

Calliope - muse of epic/heroic poetry (the superior muse)
Melpomene - muse of tragedy
Thalia - muse of comedy & idyllic poetry
Polyhymnia - muse of sacred poetry, agriculture, geometry, grammar
Clio - muse of  history
Euterpe - muse of music
Erato - lyric and/or love poetry
Terpsichore - muse of dance
Urania - muse of astronomy & astronomical writing

This blog is obviously not about poetry. I have never really been into poetry. I actually have bad memories of being graded on my interpretation of poetry in grade school - as if the poems had only one interpretation. I think poetry is beautiful and complex and likely most poems have multiple interpretations - highly dep…

Video Game Review: Firewatch

What a beautiful escape! A game categorized as a 'walking' simulator.. although it's more like a hiking simulator.

This is a video game, but it's more like an interactive film - much like the walking dead games. You get to make responses in conversation, but I don't believe it has an bearing on the story outcome.

It is very similar to another game I played a while back called, 'Gone Home'. I actually prefer the depth of the story in Gone Home over Firewatch, but the overall I enjoyed Firewatch more. Both provide a rich story driven experience, while Firewatch is more about the outdoor visuals. I really got drawn into the environments - sunsets, horizons, and mountain views.

The story is linear. No fighting. No challenge. These sound like negatives for a video game, but it's really about the immersive experience - and escape, which is the main character's purpose. I feel the core story could have been more complex and length of the game could have be…

Video Game Review: Cat Quest

I picked this game up from Steam and played on Windows. Also available for Mac OS.

This is a super cute, but short-lived R.P.G. (role-playing game). This game is fun, but not very challenging; it's a standard hack and slash with some spell casting mixed in.  The main story takes 4-6 hours to complete with a ton of side quests.

Excellent visuals, smooth game play, and tons of cat puns! The game ends with a cliffhanger, so hope they are planning a sequel. $8 well spent!

Documentary Review: The Science of Fasting

Found on Amazon Prime video.

This is a very intriguing documentary about fasting - out of France under the title, 'Le jeûne, une nouvelle thérapie?' - which Google translates to: 'Fasting, a new therapy?'. It covers large groups of people who fast for the potential health benefits as well as some of the science behind it presented by legitimate scientists such as Dr. Valter Longo from the university of southern California.

The science presented seems very convincing and eye-opening. This was an excellent method to whet my appetite for further research of fasting in general and of finding effective and natural ways to live a more healthy and longer life.

Much like a recent book I read, called 'Brain Maker' - this documentary seemingly attempts to sell fasting as a cure-all (this book also mentions the potential benefits of fasting).  While I believe both fasting and maintaining a well-balanced gut microbiome have health benefits, I don't think the technique…